Greene & Co. Proposition

At Greene & Co., we strive to make every customer interaction as satisfying and fulfilling as possible. We understand that every jewelry purchase represents a significant memory in our client's life, and we take pride in being allowed the privilege to be a part of these events. Our team aims to ensure all of our clients are consistently satisfied and confident in their purchase by employing these core elements:

  • icon'First Choice' in Diamonds Greene & Co. esteemed clientele receive access to a selection of the most exquisite diamonds fresh from the cutting wheel. As a sightholder, we are allowed "first choice" prior to the stones being released to the diamond distribution chains.
  • iconDirect-Access Value Pricing Strategy A key benefit for all Greene & Co. clientele results from our sightholder partnership. The diamonds that are presented for purchase or investment come direct from the sightholder to Greene & Co. hands. Layers are eliminated and as a result there are no "middlemen." Stones do not pass from one hand to another. Ultimately this results in a value-add that we pass on to our clients.
  • iconResponsibly sourced Greene & Co. works with 100% conflict free diamonds. All stones are cautiously sourced and GIA and/or Forevermark certified diamonds.
  • iconPersonalized Contrary to many luxury retail establishments, Greene & Co. clientele joyfully welcome a personal relationship with Michael Greene himself, the diamond expert and founder of Greene & Co.
  • iconAbove & Beyond - As a result of the client focused, private nature of the Greene & Co. organizational structure, we always strive to go above and beyond, aiming to exceed client expectations in terms of service, friendliness, and a positive overall interaction. Everything starts and ends with gratitude.