The Craft

The craft of turning a rare stone into a precious gem is a rigorous test of artistry, technology, creativity, discipline, grand vision, and micro detail. From mining to cutting, we personally supervise the manufacturing of each gem to the most precise standards. The precision of a diamond’s cut is the ultimate factor in defining the final shape, facets, and beauty of the stone. At Greene & Co., we maintain the highest level of standards with regards to cut, to ensure the maximum level of light fraction and ultimately sparkle in your stone.



From the southern tip of Africa to the vast depths of Asia, we spare no distance to find the raw stones that will be your personal statement. For us at Greene & Co., the value of a gem is not only measured by its quality and brilliance, but by the dignity and prosperity it creates for those who have so carefully extracted it from the Earth.



We partner only with those who employ the most environmentally sustainable methods and technologies. Eco-friendly methods of mining gems are not always the simplest or easiest, but they are the right thing to do. We do not support any mining process that damages the Earth’s precious, natural resources.



Development of the first blockchain technology initiative to span the diamond value chain and provide a single, tamper-proof and permanent digital record for every diamond registered on the platform. The initiative ensures that all registered diamonds are conflict-free and natural.